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Greece: where expectation matches reality. Breathtaking views; craggy, rocky beaches drenched in sun; freshly caught fried fish and salty cheese eaten port-side, watching the local fishermen haul their catches in.

iconic acropolis

We visited Athens first. A bustling metropolis full of lively restaurants, shops, and tourist traps. In a city bursting with striking ancient monuments symbolic of spirituality and civilisation, the Acropolois is the beating heart of the city, a beacon unmissable day and night, nestled high up in the hills overlooking the world below.


The Acropolis | Plaka

When you think of the Greek islands, one tends to picture the cliffside architectural marvel of whitewashed stone houses with blue rooftops that dominate Santorini. The villages, wherein you’ll find the picturesque Fira and Oia, sit upon an island that is largely volcanic and craggy. It’s a place you can be nostalgic for without ever having tendered ashore.


Oia village | Fira village | Amoudi Bay | Katharos beach | the blue domes

rugged cliffs ripe for brave jumpers
the famed astonishing santorini sunsets

Just as enchanting as its neighbouring Santorini are the charming islands of Paros and Antiparos. Traditional Cycladic architecture dotted with vibrant bougainvilleas nestle amongst traditional, family-run places to eat and people-watch, and no shortage of places to swim (some more hospitable than others), best accessed by way of the humble quad bike.


Kolympethres beach | Lefkés village | Antiparos island | Naousa | Agios Fokas | cave of Archilochos

Milos is a laid back island dotted with coves of turquoise water and charming fishing villages. Mysterious volcanic rock formations have created surreal and jaw-dropping beaches, flocked with Instagrammers brave enough to access some of the more rugged terrain.


Kleftiko caves | Sarakiniko beach | Fyropotamos beach | Tsigrado beach | Pollonia village | Kilma village | Mandrakia village


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